Renting Hampton Charter Buses

Group travel in full comfort and convenience when you hire our charter bus in Hampton. From shuttling sports teams to training facilities or picking up VIPs from the airport, we offer just the right bus charter solution for you. Our fleet of affordable charter buses in Hampton includes shuttle buses and motor coaches, deluxe buses and minibuses buses that you can depend on for a fully comfortable and hassle-free bus ride.

Charter buses have more to offer compared to other modes of group transportation. Booking a charter bus in advance is costs way less than airplanes and trains. Your group does not have to deal with cancelled trips and delays brought on by bad weather. Compared to car pooling, using a charter bus reduces the volume of vehicles on the road, and more importantly, less fuel consumption also means reduced carbon emissions.

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Hampton Charter Buses and Minibuses for Rent Near Me

If you’re making plans for a long, overnight trip with a large group of people, we recommend you use a deluxe bus or motor coach that will accommodate up to 50 passengers. Designed and equipped for such hours-long trips, these charter buses come with amenities (e.g. reclining seats with wide legroom, Wi-Fi) you would normally pay for on a plane or train.

For short trips within Hampton such as in summer camps and office shuttles, we maintain minibuses that can accommodate 30 passengers. This type of charter buses are often equipped with features you’d see in most of our deluxe buses and motor coaches except for washrooms or lavatories. We also have charter buses in Highland Springs, VA.

Special Events Charter Buses

  • Sports Events – With charter buses, you won’t be dealing with heavy traffic or finding parking space coming to big sporting events in and around Hampton.
  • Weddings – Charter an affordable motor coach when transporting wedding guests to and from the wedding venue.
  • Prom and Homecoming Dances – Gather your high school buddies aboard a motor coach charter and have blast with old high school buddies on the way to the homecoming dance.
  • Downtown – Downtown Hampton is a treasure throve of activity and if you charter a minibus to get there, you’ll save on costs, travel in comfort all the way to the venue, and even travel green.
  • Sweet 16 – Pick up the guests with a party bus and get the party under way as they head to the venue of her 16th birthday.

Hampton Charter Bus Rental Prices

Know that the charter bus rental rates depend on a number of factors. These are the destination, the number of passengers, the make and model of your bus and the duration of the trip. See what other charter buses in Colonial Heights, VA we have as well.

Things to Do with Charter Bus Hampton

  • Hampton Coliseum – This multi-purpose arena opened in 1970 and was a favorite concert venue by rock bands such as the Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones.
  • Langley Speedway – The site of the last Grand National race, this NASCAR racetrack hosts well-known racing competitions in the region.
  • Air Power Park – This outdoor, roadside museum pays tribute to Hampton’s contribution in the country’s early space exploration and aircraft testing.